Number 15 is a five-story social hall featuring free live music, bourbon, and regional craft beer.
Six hotels and two restaurants made the list out of 60,000 spots around the world.
Louisville’s newest boutique gym is pink and personalized for women.
It’s like The Mystery Machine, but with cookies.
Against the Grain Brewery & Smokehouse is now Against the Grain Public House.
A glimpse of new businesses, projects, and investments from last year.
The Lone Star State can’t claim this one.
The historic rickhouse was originally built in 1940.
It’s tropical and tangy.
A new speciality dish pays homage to Louisvillian Dean Corbett.
And it’s from the same co-founders of Top Golf.
Right in time for the holiday season. 👀
It has everything you didn’t know you needed.
It’s the first time in 30 years that the exhibition will take place outside of Las Vegas.
It was a close call, but we’re glad it’s here to stay.
The logistics provider is sharing the love between Jefferson + Bullitt counties.
From skeletons taking a bath to taffy filled cauldrons, these windows are giving Halloween.
Expect the same great beer and pizza + local coffee.
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