Sarah Shadburne in a floral dress

Sarah Shadburne

City Editor

Sarah Shadburne is based in Louisville, KY, and has worked in local media for the last three years, where she’s produced more than 400 stories covering local topics — from bourbon to banking to local murals. She loves getting outside, interpreting birth charts + shaking the feather toy for her cat Tangy.

We’ll take ours with extra mayo, please.
The $22 million project will take about 24 months to complete.
We know fall in Derby City can’t be beaten — and the rest of the country’s taking notice, too.
We’re uncovering remnants of Derby City’s architectural past one building at a time.
Female students could enroll as soon as September 2024.
Let’s play real estate developer for a second.
It’s come a long way since 1905.
We’re going to need a bigger sifter.
A new fall flavor has entered the chat.
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