Sarah Shadburne in a floral dress

Sarah Shadburne

City Editor

Sarah Shadburne is based in Louisville, KY, and has worked in local media for the last three years, where she’s produced more than 400 stories covering local topics — from bourbon to banking to local murals. She loves getting outside, interpreting birth charts + shaking the feather toy for her cat Tangy.

It’s a truly goated event.
That’s fall folks.
Take advantage of the warmer weather and catch a flick at one of these theaters around town.
All about the bennys.
Right in time for the holiday season. 👀
We’re going to need a bigger barrel.
The results are in.
It’s the first time in 30 years that the exhibition will take place outside of Las Vegas.
It’s only 30 minutes from LOU.
Good news for Louisville.
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