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Small Business

Two Old Louisville classics — Dizzy Whizz and Ollie’s Trolley — go head-to-head.
Construction will go block-by-block through fall 2025.
We’ll be toasting to the bountiful beverage industry across Louisville, KY from Monday, July 22 to Friday, July 26, 2024.
Up-and-coming businesses can apply to the Vogt Award to get a boost.
There’s a whole lot of Louisvillians up there.
Woodard’s floral fascinators come alive every Derby season at Oxmoor Center.
It’s National Small Business Week, and Louisville is full of them, including a few you might not know.
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We get the scoop on the new nautical-themed bar and restaurant coming to Butchertown.
From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 27 gyms and fitness offerings around Louisville.
When it comes to books, LOU really knows how to turn a page.
You can feel the luck of the Irish at any of these Derby City establishments.
Phalcha Coffee opened in Germantown earlier this month
Progress Park is open for the season.
A framed portrait has gone missing after being mistakenly donated to Goodwill on Valentine’s Day.
From brands to bands, LOU can be really inspiring.
Shop Valentine’s Day chocolates, couple’s games, cookware, candles, and fuzzy socks to spread the love.
It’s like the Oscars, but for food.
We bet you’ve never had a cacio e pepe bagel before, until now.
It’s another episode of, “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.
It’s not a regular spa, it’s a cool spa.
Trust us, they’re fab-brew-lous.
And they invited Krampus to the party.
Check out these 13 yoga studios around Derby City, which offer beginner classes, memberships, and more.
If you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it.
Here’s the deal — the vintage shopping scene is stellar in Derby City.
Don’t get left out in the cold.
We’re unpacking lots of information about a digital-based company that’s added paid parking in some of Louisville’s most popular neighborhoods.
We’re looking at a sweet and spicy new year, y’all.
Ornaments aren’t just for decorating apparently.
That’s the way the Please & Thank You cookie crumbles.
Good news for Louisville.
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