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Vegan and vegetarian eats in Louisville

Dig into delicious and nutritious plant-based fare all over Derby City.

Frisco Melt V-Grits Louisville

Looks can be deceiving — this Frisco Melt from V-Grits is 100% vegan.

Photo by V-Grits

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Eating plant-based hasn’t always been easy, but in Louisville, it can be a piece of (vegan) cake.

With Derby City being named as the best foodie city in the US, it’s no surprise that there are a slew of local chefs serving up fresh, plant-based bites across town. From vegetarian burgers to scrumptious vegan desserts, here are 17 restaurants serving up plant-based fare in the 502.

fried oyster mushrooms and lettuce on a white plate

The Korean rice bowl at Roots is available with or without a fried egg.

Photo by LOUtoday

🍳 Vegetarian eats

Heart & Soy/Roots, 1216 Bardstown Rd. | Home to Kentucky’s only tofu factory, this two-sided restaurant features a casual space for takeout + a more upscale, full-service option.
Try this: Fried oyster mushrooms served with wasabi aioli.

Honeydew, 135 Breckinridge Ln. | The menu here focuses on smoothies, fresh-pressed juices, and desserts. But the croffles — a croissant + waffle hybrid — make for a light breakfast.

Shreeji Indian Vegetarian Street Food, 1987 S. Hurstbourne Pkwy. | From South Indian dishes to Indo-Chinese fare, this spot offers an array of affordable veggie dishes that are bursting with flavor.

An assortment of vegan treats from The Flour Shoppe

Guests will find vegan cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and more at The Flour Shoppe.

🥬 Vegan grub

Annie Mae’s Sweet Cafe, 3110 Frankfort Ave. | Everything at this Crescent Hill bakery is gluten-free, plant-based, and free of allergens.
Try this: Order a treat box so you never run out of goodies.

The Flour Shoppe, 619 Baxter Ave. | This bakery boasts a daily menu of sugary treats, but it’s known for its elaborate, colorful cakes. Don’t miss out on the donuts — they’re only served on the weekends.

Half-Peach Bakery & Cafe, 170 Sears Ave. | Order delivery or get takeout from this kitchen + bakery. It has everything from chicken tenders and nacho bowls to pumpkin bread and cake slices.

Soul Hi Vegan, 1860 Mellwood Ave. Ste. 115 | As its name implies, this Clifton Heights spot serves soul food like rib tips, oxtail, and chicken with gravy made by its chef and owner.

V-Grits, 1001 Logan St. | You’d never guess that the fast-casual comfort food here — like burgers, patty melts, and tacos — are completely vegan.

not cauliflower Naiive Louisville

The Nashville hot cauliflower at Naiive offers just the right amount of spice.

Photo by LOUtoday

🥙 Vegetarian-friendly fare

Absynnia Ethiopian Restaurant, 554 S. 5th St. | Though a lot of Ethiopian cuisine includes spicy meat dishes, the menu here serves up an entire vegetarian section + several veggie appetizers.

Addis Bar & Grill, 109 S. 4th St. | This Mediterranean grill can accommodate all diets, with vegetarian plates and vegan samplers included on the menu.

The Grape Leaf, 2217 Frankfort Ave. | The vegetarian section of this Mediterranean restaurant menu includes curry masala, biryani, samosas, and more.

Mayan Cafe, 813 E. Market St. | Rooted in traditional Mayan cuisine, the dishes here feature local ingredients — including fresh produce from local farmers markets.

Try this: Tok-sel lima beans, topped with a blend of roasted, ground pumpkin seeds, lime, salt, and sesame oil.

Naiive, 1001 E. Washington St. | This vegetable-centric spot in Butchertown has 10+ vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Queen of Sheba, 2804 Taylorsville Rd. | This Ethiopian restaurant serves its veggie dishes traditionally, which are meant to be eaten with your hands.

The Silly Axe Cafe, 1001 Logan St. | With 100% gluten-free fare, this takeout spot accommodates vegetarian, vegan, and nut-free diets, too.

Ramsi’s Cafe on the World, 1293 Bardstown Rd. | Featuring dishes from around the globe, Ramsi’s offers something for everyone.

Toasty’s Tavern, 1258 S. Shelby St. | Pimento cheese dip, fried mushroom planks, vegan hot dogs and an egg salad sando are just a few of the vegetarian options at this Shelby Park tavern.

🍽️ Chef it up at home

Check out our favorite tips and tricks for serving veggie-focused fare from your own kitchen:

Bonus: Need a vegan snack fix on the go? You already know Louisville Vegan Jerky has your back.

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