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Get your sweat on at gyms around Louisville, KY

From lifting weights, indoor rock climbing, personal training, dance fitness, boxing classes, and martial arts programs — we’ve rounded up 27 gyms and fitness offerings around Louisville.

A person uses a rowing machine to workout.

Louisville offers plenty of places to get in a good sweat.

Photo courtesy Butchertown Crossfit

Exercising doesn’t look the same for everyone — what’s fun and muscle-building for one person may be a slog for someone else.

Fortunately, Louisville is home to many opportunities for exercise, whether you enjoy lifting weights, dancing to hip hop tunes for a little cardio action, or boxing for a full-body workout. Use this guide as a resource for all-things fitness in the Derby City.

gym equipment

Wel at Humana offers a plethora of weightlifting equipment.

Photo by Wel at Humana

For those looking for flexibility + variety

YMCA of Greater Louisville, multiple locations
There are a plethora of fitness options at 10 YMCA locations in the Greater Louisville area, which includes Oldham County + Southern Indiana. There’s year-round swimming, group exercise classes, and organized sports, like basketball and pickleball. Bonus: Your membership can also include a pass to Calypso Cove, the YMCA’s water park where you and your family can cool off after a workout.

Flex Appeal, 946 Goss Ave.
Located in the Germantown Mill Lofts, this gym is open 24/7, and offers weights, treadmills, and other exercise equipment. In addition to a workout, you can also get massage, dry needling, and other therapy treatments here. Membership options start at $30 per month.

Fitness on Frankfort, 2726 Frankfort Ave.
This Crescent Hill neighborhood gym has been locally-owned since 1995. It has a wide variety of fitness equipment and members can come and go as they please, 24/7. Membership options include a month-to-month plan, if you’re not quite ready for a long-term commitment.

Glassworks Fitness, 815 W. Market St.
Location, location, location. If you’re a downtown office worker looking for a lunch-break workout spot, Glassworks is for you. Located in the lower level of the Glassworks building it’s selection of equipment won’t necessarily accommodate an extravagant workout plan, but it has more than enough options to get a good sweat going.

Peak Fitness, 3803 Wilmington Ave.
A gym for all skill levels — from newbies to experts — Peak has options cardio workouts, weight loss, and strength training. “Not just another intimidating gym,” Peak’s trainers care about mental + emotional well-being as well as physical progress. It’s open from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

Wel at Humana, 522 W. Main St.
This downtown gym features weightlifting + cardio equipment — like dumbbells, kettlebells, treadmills — as well as spa-like amenities like saunas and a recovery room. The group classes here include yoga and hip-hop step — so you can get that workout rhythm.

For those looking for high performance

Mpower6, 401 N. English Station Rd.
This gym utilizes the latest equipment and technology to achieve top results for its clients. In addition to workout equipment, the gym also includes a recovery lounge, smoothie bar, and infrared saunas.

Everyday Athletes, 2001 Production Dr.
Home to nationally recognized coaches, this gym has racked up the local “best of” awards to several years. It offers specialized programs for powerlifting, sports training, weight loss, and more. Deal: your first week of personal training here is free.

The Factory, 4709 Allmond Ave.
“Hardcore since ’84,” this gym is locally owned and is known as a true lifter’s gym. In addition to ample weight lifting equipment, The Factory also offers personal training options + boxing classes. It’s open daily, and offers discounted membership to military, police, and fire, as well as students.

Alpha Barbell Club, 10512 Dixie Hwy.
Specializing in power lifting equipment, this gym is open to members 24/7. Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or new to the power game, Alpha includes multi-week programs teaching the fundamentals of the sport. Afterward, there’s also a dry sauna.

The Jungle Gym, 444 Downes Terrace
The home of Area 502 Mixed Martial Arts, this gym is built for combat athletes but is open to all. The 3000-sqft facility offers a variety of weights + equipment to help you build muscle. It’s open daily, 6 a.m.-10 p.m.

For those who enjoy working out alongside others

B. You Fitness, 3921 Chenoweth Sq.
Alternative workout routines are on offer here, including bounce, barre, and silque classes. Classes are also offered in a virtual format, so you can get in shape in the comfort of your home.

Vital Motion, 225 N. Clifton Ave.
At this group fitness gym, it’s not all about lifting the most weight or doing the most reps. Classes are split between strength, accessory strength, and metabolic days, each with a different focus. Deal: newcomers get their first week free.

Studio Hustle, 131 St. Matthews Ave.
A TRX fitness studio, Hustle offers dance cardio classes, where you’re encouraged to stay after and socialize. There’s also nutrition coaching, peloton classes, and personal training. Drop in for your first class for $15.

Sweat Society, 3600 Springhurst Blvd.
The classes here focus on full body strength training + cardio, including workouts on Xformer and Versaclimber equipment. Classes last between 30 and 45 minutes, meaning you work up a sweat fast. Pricing starts at $89 for four classes per month.

Never Satisfied Performance, 12105 River Beauty Loop
This gym offers four classes for adults, ranging from 30 to 50 minutes each — satisfying your fitness needs. There are also classes for elementary students — ages eight to 11 — emphasizing natural movement patterns to build joint stability and mobility.

For those who want one-on-one training

Body and Soul Personal Training, 1914 Bardstown Rd.
Serving the Highlands area for 22 years, Body and Soul specializes in guided strength training, and each of the gym’s trainers are certified or have degrees in exercise science. Each session is booked with a personal trainer in advance, and there are even options for couples who want to work out together.

ProFormance, 2041 River Rd.
Personal training, nutrition coaching, massage + physical therapy, and more are all on offer here. On your first visit, a personal trainer will assess your health and lifestyle to prescribe a health and fitness program. Bonus: if you’re looking to get back into the swing of things, ProFormance offers golf fitness as well.

CareFit, 2415 Lime Kiln Ln.
Here, you can participate in classes one-on-one training or group classes — which you can take in-person or online at home. There’s also sport-specific individual training, for the athletes that need a personal touch to get to the top of their game.

For those who think burpees are a lifestyle

CrossFit Covalence, 530 Barret Ave.
Founded by two military veterans who’ve been best friends since high school, when they began the business they lived in the gym — literally. Covalence prides itself on community with a comfortable atmosphere. Deal: if you’re new to CrossFit, this gym offers a free introductory session.

Butchertown CrossFit, 137 Buchanan St.
This gym offers traditional CrossFit classes, as well as what it calls “Grind classes” — think: CrossFit without a barbell. The gym is partnered with Wodify, an app where you can track your performance history, learn new skills, and interact with other members.

Derby City CrossFit, 1860 Mellwood Ave.
The one hour classes here pack a punch, but have tracks for every level of CrossFit experience, from those geared to regional competitions down to beginners. Primarily for classes, this gym also features one hour of open gym daily for all your workout needs.

CrossFit Regeneration, 101000 Bluegrass Parkway
If you’re looking not just for a gym but a community, this might be what you’re looking for. Boasting “a supportive tribe of like-minded individuals,” Regeneration offers workouts that combine elements of cardio, weightlifting, and gymnastics.

CrossFit Bluegrass, 13005 Middletown Industrial Blvd.
You can get a workout in here, and so can your little ones. Crossfit Bluegrass offers a children’s program called “KidFit,” which uses a combination of movements, games, and fun activities to teach kids to love exercise.

Fern Creek CrossFit, 4756 Bardstown Rd.
A smarter way to workout — this gym utilizes analytics + body composition scans to tailor your workout for what you need. It also features specific programs for those that are pregnant, considering pregnancy, or are postpartum.

Climb NuLu Louisville

Build trust in each other — and yourselves — atop Climb NuLu’s indoor bouldering experience.

Photo by LOUtoday

For those eager to try something new

Barefit Movement Co-Op, 1217 Logan St.
A gym for people who don’t like gyms, this Shelby Park co-op strives to be part of the community by allowing for volunteer hours or skill swaps to help pay for membership dues. A place for those that haven’t felt welcomed or comfortable in fitness environments, the workouts here are unconventional, less about pumping iron and more about moving your body. Deal: new members get their first 10 days for free.

Suspend, 721 E. Washington St.
Learn how to fly on aerial silks, long, draping fabric, suspended from the ceiling. You can also learn trapeze, practice aerial yoga, and find your zen with suspended meditation. A four-class package starts at $100.

Climb NuLu, 1000 E. Market St.
This is Louisville’s bouldering gym, offering rock-climbing walls. There’s not need to worry about footwear — rentals are available. And if you’re nervous about a fall, there’s 16-inch thick padded flooring to soften the landing if you slip. A day pass is $15 for first-time climbers, but $13 when you return a second time.

Gear up

Don’t forget to set your movement adventure up for success with tried-and-true gym favorites.

Owala FreeSip water bottle | Stay hydrated at the gym with a beloved stainless steel bottle — you can get it as large as 40 oz. for max hydration.

Baleaf women’s fleece-lined leggings | Make facing workouts on chilly mornings easier with fleece-lined leggings — plus, choose how many pockets you want on them.

Silicone ear tips for AirPods | Earbuds will slip out at the gym no more thanks to simple silicone ear tips that keep AirPods in place.

Aesthetic Built scuba oversized half-zip hoodie | A roomy, soft sweatshirt with thumbholes and a kangaroo pocket.

Aesthetic Built perfect muscle scallop tee | This men’s tee was made to accentuate biceps, chest, and shoulders.

HOKA Women’s Clifton 9 Sneaker | Set your cardio workouts up for success with a sneaker designed to increase foot comfort and absorb the shock of high-impact exercise.

Heathyoga non-slip body alignment yoga mat | Beginners and advanced yoga students alike will love the alignment lines on this mat to take your form to the next level.

CRZ Butterluxe high-waisted leggings | These buttery-soft leggings feature gentle compression and are considered a Lululemon alternative by reviewers.

Bala Bangles | Ready to up the ante of any workout? Use Bala Bangles on wrists or ankles for added resistance.

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