The best sandwiches in Louisville, KY

We’ll take ours with extra mayo, please.

A giant chicken tinga sandwich sits on a plate atop Taco Luchador parchment paper. It's loaded with tomatoes, crema, pickled jalapenos and pulled chicken. Behind the sandwich is a Corona beer and a napkin dispenser with the same Taco Luchador branding.

The chicken tinga torta doubles as lunch and dinner due to its giant size.

Photo by LOUtoday

We rye-lly don’t kid around when it comes to sandwiches in Louisville. We asked you earlier this week to help us track down the best sandwiches in the city + now it’s time for a round of applause for your favorite lunchtime heroes.

Ham sandwich | Morris’ Deli, 2228 Taylorsville Rd.

According to Reader Ben S., this is a ham above the rest, dubbing it the best ham sandwich in the city with cheese, lettuce, tomato + deli mustard.

Me Turkey You Jane | Stevens & Stevens, 1114 Bardstown Rd.

Reader Dani H. preached the gospel of this turkey, Benedictine, tomato + bacon sandwichand we’re the choir.

Pastrami sandwich | Good Belly Food Truck, find the truck

Reader Mary L. told us of her delight in finding Good Belly at NuLu Fest last weekend. Deeming it the best pastrami sammie in town, she said it paired nicely with a West Sixth IPA (also at the festival last weekend).

Chicken tinga torta | Taco Luchador, multiple locations

So this is my pick. Loaded with tomatoes, pickled jalapenos and Guajillo braised chicken, this giant sandwich never fails to lift my lunchtime spirits. And it works double time; it’s big enough to have again for dinner.

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