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Hormone health Q+A: Why get tested?

Looking for improved mood, higher energy, and the tools you need to plan for a family or understand your menopause symptoms? See how Labcorp OnDemand makes it easy for women to discover how to feel their best + plan for their future.

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Hormone health impacts your overall well-being and helps your body find its balance.

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Hormones influence everything from fertility and menstrual cycles to mood and metabolism, making prioritizing hormonal health important for women at every stage of life.

Here are common hormone questions — and how Labcorp OnDemand makes understanding your hormonal health easy.

What are common symptoms of a hormonal imbalance?

  • Irregular menstrual periods or difficulty conceiving
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Dry skin or trouble concentrating
  • Hot flashes or sleep disturbances

Why test my hormone levels?

Testing these hormones can provide insights into whether the symptoms you’re experience are linked to a hormonal imbalance:

  • Progesterone: Monitor + track ovulation to aid in family-planning or to understand your menstrual cycle.
  • Estradiol (E2): Test the most common type of estrogen to get insights into your reproductive health.
  • Menopause-related hormones: Understand your menopause symptoms with this all-in-one test that measures four key menopause-related hormones.

How can I get tested?

Purchase a Labcorp OnDemand lab test to get quick and convenient results (think: no doctor’s visit required). Bonus: Get $10 off code with code 6AMCITY.

Snag the deal + get tested

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