Where to sip on bubble tea in LOU

It’ll make you feel all bubbly inside.

three plastic cups filled with bubble tea

Honeydew in St. Matthews offers more than 36+ kinds of bubble tea.

Photo by Honeydew

Bubble tea or pearl milk tea — more commonly referred to as boba tea — started gaining popularity all over Asia in the 1980s. Whatever you call it, the drink made with black tea, milk, ice + chewy tapioca pearls (boba) is still on the rise thanks to Gen Z. Here are three places you can get your hands on the creamy and chewy refreshment.

🧋Boba Fete, 1001 Logan St.
Every drink is crafted from locally sourced tea and coffee + vegan-friendly boba pearls.
Sip this: Rocket Fuel, made with Safai cold brew coffee, milk, sweetened condensed milk, and boba.

🧋Fun Tea, 1608 Bardstown Rd.
Build your own bubble drink with popping boba, pearl boba, crystal boba, or jelly.
Sip this: Lavender milk tea, which can also be served hot.

🧋Honeydew, 135 Breckinridge Ln.
This St. Matthews stop specializes in bubble teas, smoothies, and juices.
Sip this: Strawberry milk tea — with strawberry popping boba and a scoop of ice cream.

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