The 10+ Louisville references you didn’t know about in Trader Joe’s

There’s even a recipe for Joe’s take on a Hot Brown

Potatoes and tomatoes in the foreground with a wall lined with produce. Above it a mural of Baxter Avenue.

A painting of Baxter Avenue hangs above the veggies.

Photo by LOUtoday

Louisville’s Trader Joe’s in St. Matthewsaka store 628 — is the first Trader Joe’s in Kentucky. It opened at 4600 Shelbyville Rd. in October 2011. While you won’t find local produce or products inside the eclectic grocery store chain with a cult-like following, you will find Derby City history written on the walls and reusable bags.

Above food displays lining the walls are 10 framed murals of landmarks. Let us paint you a picture.

Rows of steel buckets filled with flowers with a painting that reads "check out Louisville's finest flowers"

This is the first Louisville-themed mural you’ll see in Trader Joe’s.

Photo by LOUtoday

Starting at the front of the store, just past the entrance, is a riff of our “Greetings From Louisville” mural. TJ’s version says “Check out Louisville’s finest flowers.” In the produce section, above the refrigerated fruits, are four Victorian-era mansions in Old Louisville. Next to it is the Ferguson Mansion towering over the meat and fish case.

LOUtoday_Trader Joe's 4

Old Louisville is represented by the Ferguson Mansion and Victorian-era homes.

Photo by LOUtoday

At the back of the store is the Louisville skyline with a plane flying a banner that reads, “Any way you say it…Louisville TJ’s means value!” with an image of a Louisville Slugger a little further down by the milk and eggs.

Rounding the corner, you’ll see the red Belle of Louisville propelling over cheeses and specialty dips before running into three images of the Kentucky Derby by the snack nuts and checkout lanes.

LOUtoday_Trader Joe's 3

Trader Joe’s makes reusable bags modeled after each location’s state.

Photo by LOUtoday

Off the walls, you’ll find more nods to LOU in the state-themed reusable bags. The Kentucky one features a horse in a Derby hat, a cardinal, and bourbon barrel. On the side, there’s a recipe for Joe’s Kentucky Hot Brown — a spin on the Louisville-invented dish made with sliced chicken breast, Trader Joe’s Giotto’s Alfredo Sauce, and Fontina cheese.

While it’s true that the grocery doesn’t carry local products, the wine shop next door does sell local beer and bourbon, of course.

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