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Local business’ birthdays in Louisville, KY

It’s Libra season and this Venus-ruled sign is known for its beauty and popularity.

The Belle of Louisville steamboat

The Belle’s original name was “Idlewild.”

Photo by @rich_g.ammon40059

Logan Street Market celebrated its third birthday over the weekend andit got us reflecting on other Libra birthdays in Derby City.

For a quick astrological debriefing: ruled by Venus, people born under this astrological sign are known for their beauty, popularity, aesthetic sensibilities + diplomacy. Libra season lasts until Sun., Oct. 23 this yearand then we’ll celebrate the Scorpios.

Here are a few places and people to wish a happy birthday this season.

Against the Grain, Oct. 3, 2011 | Better late than never. This local craft brewery’s birthday has already passed, but you can still celebrate with a brew at Public House on Bardstown Rd. or a platter ofpit-smoked meats from the Smokehouse downtown.

Louisville Water Tower, Oct. 16, 1860 | The pumping station + water tower at 3005 River Rd. began supplying drinking water to Louisvillians on this date in 1860 — making it the first public water provider in the commonwealth.

The Belle of Louisville, Oct. 18, 1914. | It’s no surprise that this iconic, 107-year-old vessel is a Libra with her vibrant red paint and glittering lights strewn across her decks. DYK: When she originally launched out of Pittsburgh, PA her name was “Idlewild.”

Tom Bullock, Oct. 18, 1872. | Author of “The Ideal Bartender,” this Louisvillian was the first African American to publish a cocktail book + his book offers historians a glimpse into what people were drinking before Prohibition.

Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Oct. 20, 1926 | Though it first opened in 1910 as a much smaller facility, the Gothic structure we know and love today opened for business right in the midst of spooky season. It was able to accommodate 400+ patients as tuberculosis swept Jefferson County.

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