Take a bite out of this three-course Louisville dinner

We’ll take an extra side of benedictine, please.


If this doesn’t leave you hungry, we don’t know what will.

Photo by @miles2gobeforeisleep

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We hope you’re hungry because today we’re taking you out to eat at the LOUtoday diner. This isn’t just a quick meal either. We’ve got a three-course meal featuring Louisville’s signature foods — and we’re paying the tab.

Before we dig in, let’s grab you a drink. May we suggest a local beer, an Ale-8-One, or one of these purple drinks? That’s our favorite color, if you haven’t noticed.


Kentucky caviar
To start, get fancy with some paddlefish caviar, which is best eaten with toast points or potato chips.

Then, try this bright green cucumber spread invented in Louisville in the 20th century. It’s great for dipping veggies or smearing on a bagel or sandwich.


Stock up on Benedictine + other spreads from Lotsa Pasta. | Photo by @theloutoday


Hot Brown
What kind of restaurant would we be if we didn’t have the most famous dish in Derby City? Rich and savory, this open-faced turkey sandwich covered with bacon, tomato, and Mornay sauce is the ideal main dish.

Pounded flat and fried crispy, this German dish made from pork cutlets is popular in Louisville’s Germantown and Schnitzelburg neighborhoods — after all, it is in the name.


Modjeskas have been made in Louisville since 1921.

Photo by LOUtoday


Dinner wouldn’t be complete without a sweet treat, and this caramel-covered marshmallow confection created in Derby City is the only way to end a meal in our opinion. We dare you to try to just eat one.

Bon appétit, Louisvillians.

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