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97 years of Ale-8-One and counting

It’s the best of the Bluegrass in a green glass.


Formally named Ale-8-One, the soda got its name during a contest in 1926 and is derived from the 1920s slang term “a late one,” which meant “the latest thing.”

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Most Kentuckians can spot a bottle of Ale-8 from a mile away. We’re drawn to that emerald green glass like a moth to a flame. The crisp, ginger soda with citrus notes is like ginger ale, but so much better — thanks to a nearly 100-year-old secret family recipe. Take that, Canada Dry.

Considering drinking an Ale-8 is basically Kentucky’s rite of passage, we thought we’d pull back the silver cap on this Kentucky-invented soda that just turned 97 — and leave you with a few places in Derby City to get your fix.


Filling room inside the Ale-8-One Bottling Company plant at 25 Carol Rd., Winchester, KY.

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Before Ale-8, there was Roxa-Kola

Ale-8 has been around since 1926, but Founder George Lee Wainscott actually started in the soda biz in 1902.

To make a long soda story short, here are a few fast facts about George:

  • Originally bottled distilled water + fruit-flavored sodas
  • Developed his first soda formula in 1906 called Roxa-Kola
  • Coca-Cola subsequently sued him, but George prevailed
  • Created the Ale-8-One recipe after the court case and launched it in 1926
  • Discontinued Roxa-Kola in 1968
  • Ale-8 is the only soft drink invented in Kentucky still in existence

Ale-8 branding from the early-to-mid-2000s.

Photo by LOUtoday

A secret family recipe

The company has remained independent and family-owned since and continues to operate its Ale-8-One Bottling Company plant in Winchester, KY — about 87 miles from LOU.

A white spiral case inside the factory leads to a locked batching room where Fielding Rogers, the company’s president + George’s great-great-nephew, mixes the secret formula that goes into every batch.

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Today, Ale-8 is distributed throughout Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

Photo by LOUtoday

Best in the Bluegrass

Today, there are 5+ Ale-8 flavors, including diet and caffeine-free versions. Aside from snagging a six-pack from almost any Kroger shelf, here are some ways to sip it around town:

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