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Drive along with LOU’s yellow Camaro, Georgia the Explorer

georgia the explorer 1

Georgia visits the Welcome To Louisville mural on Central Ave. | Photo by @georgia_the_explorer_ky

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If you’ve seen a 1977 yellow Camaro rolling across your Instagram feed, that’s Georgia.

She belongs to LouAnn Sensabaugh, who works as a physical therapist by trade and is a hobby photographer in her free time. LouAnn often ventures from her home in Shelby County to Downtown Louisville to take pictures of her childhood souvenir Georgia in front of the city’s colorful murals + landmarks.

Georgia is the car LouAnn grew up learning to drive in Bagdad, Kentuckyabout 50 miles from Downtown LOU. Her dad saw it drive past one day and had to have it, following the driver + offering her cash on the spot to buy it.

Ultimately, LouAnn said her dad sold the car + when she was 15, he died. She didn’t think much about the yellow Camaro until one day, a coworker returning from a trip to Georgia told LouAnn he saw her old car.

“He said, ‘I saw your old car,’ when he came back to town and I said, ‘Oh yeah?’ It kind of rekindled some memories and I had a different appreciation for it at that point in time. I told him to tell the guy if he ever wants to sell it, to at least let me know because I’d be interested,” LouAnn told us.

LouAnn bought the car about six years ago + began driving it around taking photos on her iPhone at the beginning of the pandemic. LouAnn’s adventures with Georgia take her all over the commonwealth, from Louisville to Lexington to Cynthiana.

“It’s just a creative outlet and I’ve come across so many other cool stories, cars, and people that are doing their hobbies just for fun, and I appreciate people doing things they enjoy and sharing it with other people,” LouAnn said.

Now it’s your turn to take the wheel.

Follow Georgia to these five places:

Bonus: See Georgia’s cameo in the music video for “Walk Away,” by MAD FOX featuring B SIMMwhich was shot entirely in Louisville.


Do you have a childhood souvenir with local ties? We’d love to hear about it. Tell us at the link below:

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