4 Derby City pranks for April Fool’s Day

We’ve got some practical pranks for LOU’s practical jokers.

Trees fill the view, with a city skyline in the background.

April in Derby City is beautiful — a beautiful time for a prank, that is.

Photo courtesy Louisville Tourism

Depending on your point of view, April 1 is either the first day of April or the best day of the year.

If you enjoy pranks, hijinks, and shenanigans, we’ve got four Derby City-centric jokes to pull on your friends on this April Fool’s Day.

Book Jack Gohlke on Cameo

If there’s a Kentucky Wildcat fan in your life that you just can’t stand — *cough* LEXtoday *cough* — this is the prank you’ve been looking for. For $50, you can have Oakland basketball star Jack Gohlke remind them in a Cameo video that he hit 10 three-pointers to lead the Golden Grizzlies in an upset win over Kentucky last month. Too soon? Sorry not sorry.

LOUtoday: Hometown Heroes banner Muhammad Ali

This could be “the Greatest” prank you’ve ever pulled.

Photo courtesy of the Louisville Downtown Partnership

Make your own Hometown Hero banner

Louisville loves its Hometown Hero banners, so much so that there are a few dupes around town — so why not make your own for a prank? Imagine your friend’s face when they see theown mselves plastered on a building downtown, or maybe just on the side of their house.

Pull a bourbon swap

Louisville is home to some of the world’s best bourbon, and with it some of the world’s biggest bourbon snobs. Prank the whiskey enthusiast in your life by buying this empty bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle bourbon — a full, unopened one retails for ~$1000 — and fill it with sweet tea. Like a good bourbon, this prank gets better with age.

Invite them out for a beer

Invite your fried out for a beer at either Gallant Fox Brewing Company (2132 Frankfort Ave.) on Saturday, April 13 at 11 a.m. or at Old Louisville Brewery (625 W. Magnolia Ave.) on Sunday, April 14 at 2 p.m. Little do they know, those are the next two date’s for Brightside’s Sip & Sweep events. It’s a prank for a good cause — and they can still drink that beer while they clean.

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