See a supersized McDonald’s-themed house in Louisville

One Lousivillian’s dedicated fandom to the golden arches lives on his front lawn.

Cement drive next to a green lawn with scatter McDonald's playground equipment.

Joe’s collection of McDonald’s playground equipment spans from the 1970s to 1990s.

Photo via Katie Farley

Last June, I hopped in my car destined to find a McDonald’s theme park in south Louisville.

A friend, tipped off by an Uber driver, sent me a blurry Google satellite image of a property on Greyling Drive that (if you zoom in real close) appears to have several giant hamburgers in the yard.

I drove up and down the small country road until I caught a glimpse of the Hamburglar through a grove of trees.

While the private property is gated and under surveillance, I was able to see from my car the brightly colored McDonald’s playground equipment, including two trains, an Officer Big Mac carousel, and a Captain Crook slide.

Video capturing the front yard of a house with McDonald's playground equipment.

Actual footage from my summer of 2022 investigation of McDonaldland.

Video by LOUtoday

I tried for weeks to track down the owners of the McProperty, but they remained more of a mystery than Big Mac Sauce.

But now, a year later, a WDRB news segment has solved the golden arch mystery.

Dubbed McDonaldland, the 20+ piece collection of vintage McDonald’s Playland equipment belongs to Joe Fleig. And those two trains? They’re actually five-car picnic table trains, and there are only five in the world.

Joe’s obsession with Mickey D’s nostalgia began 10 years ago when he bought his first fast-food collectible, a Frisch’s Big Boy. Now, he shops online and takes roadtrips to find former McDonald’s play pieces — which can go for upwards of $3,500.

This Sunday, June 25 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., Joe is hosting a free car show at McDonaldland (1704 Greyling Dr.) where you can get a look at the rides. Donations will benefit the Kentucky Humane Society.

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