Places to cry in public in Louisville, KY

Let it out, LOU.

Water fountain with a wrought iron fence.

The flow of water from the St. James Court fountain will drown out the sound of your sobbing.

Photo provided by St. James Court Art Show

This time of year can be lovely — literally — but we all know that sometimes Valentine’s Day can be the cause of a good, old-fashioned, heartfelt cry.

So we decided to do the hard work for you and find six places that might suit your sobbing needs, no matter the cause.

St. James Court

Your tears will flow straight from your eyes into the iconic fountain, so no one will notice — plus, they’ll all be too busy looking at the nearby mansions anyway. Then, you can walk to the down the street to the Witches’ Tree to cast aspersions on your ex.

Corridor Bar

Come to this NuLu spot on a slow night — like a Wednesday that’s not Valentine’s Day — and order your favorite cocktail. Then head to the back, where there’s a small nook with a couch and tables. If you’re lucky, no one will bother you + you’ll be allowed to wallow in peace.

Crescent Hill Reservoir

Pro tip: You can play it off —who wouldn’t get teary-eyed looking at the majestic waters of the reservoir at dusk?

Near the Giants of Bernheim Forest

Who doesn’t want to be held during a fit of tears? Nuzzle up to the bosom of one the Forest’s giantswe’re thinking Mama Loumari — and soon it will all be better. Plus, there are plenty of trees nearby if you need something to hug.

Under the 2nd Street Bridge

Picture this: you’ve just spotted your ex heading into a basketball game at the KFC Yum Center!, so you make your way down 2nd Street under the bridge and drain your eyes like the Cards are (hopefully) draining three-pointers inside. When you’re through, you can head over to Whiskey Row for a drink or two — or even to find a new boo.


It might not be the most comfortable place to cry, but perhaps that’s fitting.

Photo by LOUtoday

Heigold House — aka Door to Nowhere

Bring a blanket to get cozy in the doorway of this historic 19th century home’s facade and let the tears flow like the Frankfort Avenue traffic around you. Just like your last relationship, that door is going nowhere.