Help feed hungry Louisvillians this Thanksgiving

Whether you’re donating food or time, here are four places where you can help someone else enjoy a meal in Derby City this Thanksgiving.

Volunteers peeling potatoes at a food bank.

Food takes center stage on Thanksgiving, but not everyone in Derby City has access -- you can help change that.

Photo courtesy Dare to Care

Thanksgiving is one week away, and we’re already dreaming about how we’re going to fill our plates.

Not everyone in Derby City can be so sure about their holiday meal, though. Currently, ~80,000 Louisvillians don’t have reliable access to food.

With that in mind, here are four places where you can make a difference this holiday season, help get a meal to a neighbor in need, and address food insecurity.

Dare to Care
Dare to Care was created in response to a Thanksgiving tragedy. In 1969, nine-year-old Louisvillian Bobby Ellis died of malnutrition on Thanksgiving Eve. In the years since, Dare to Care has created ~300 food pantries to help prevent hunger across Derby City. In the past year alone, the organization has provided ~19.6 million meals. Learn how you can get involved.

A volunteer peels potatoes at a food bank.

Closet to ~80,000 Louisvillians are currently experiencing food insecurity, though many organizations across Louisville are working address the issue.

Photo courtesy Dare to Care

Feed Louisville
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, over one-third of the food produced in the United States is never eaten. Feed Louisville is working to change that by taking in excess food from local businesses and partners. Volunteer to work in the kitchen or help deliver meals.

App Harvest
This Fairdale-based organization connects volunteers with food donors to make sure food isn’t wasted and is instead delivered to those who need it most. Download the app to help deliver fresh food when you have the time, in as little as 30 minutes.

The Table
In Portland, The Table serves meals under a pay-what-you-can model. Help out by ordering and paying for a meal — like a pulled pork sandwich or pumpkin chili — or donate your time by volunteering.