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He’s the Ken Burns of Louisville.
The (Un)Known Project will hold a dedication and unveiling of “In Our Elder’s Footprints” on Saturday, June 8.
We’re highlighting the best kid-friendly activities that Louisville, KY has to offer — complete with animal encounters, educational activities, and outdoor fun.
Sometimes, you just need a laugh, so we’ve rounded up places to get you gigglin’ in Derby City.
There’s a whole lot of Louisvillians up there.
The “Everyday Prophets” exhibit runs through the end of June
“This is the Ohio” will air throughout the month on KET.
The octagenarian venue is still going strong.
Part of the Epping District, the theater is hidden beneath a modern space.
It’s not just the Lincoln statue at Waterfront Park.
A conservation firm will be performing maintanance on several pieces of public art around LOU.
From the Kentucky Derby Festival, to live music, Derby City blossoms this time of year.
Old Louisville LIVE returns this year, with three different performances.
When it comes to books, LOU really knows how to turn a page.
Jack Harlow isn’t the only artist with Derby City on their mind.
“India: South Asian Paintings from the San Diego Museum of Art” will open on Friday, Feb. 16
“Savant” and “Tiny Art, Big Heart” will open on Friday, Feb. 2.
Trust us, they’re fab-brew-lous.
And they invited Krampus to the party.
Peach Fuzz is the name, and color is its game.
The short film documents the creation of a community mural in West Louisville’s California neighborhood.
Meet the Metro Snow Team and their artful plows.
The artwork will be seen on a bus route near you
You won’t believe the talent on display on stage.
The Louisville Film Society is showing short films on the big screen.
Let’s solve a mystery.
Speed Outdoors will provide equitable access to outdoor areas and is anticipated to serve ~500,000 every year.
Good news for Louisville.
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