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Two Louisville streets are getting a makeover

The $12.5 million project will convert 2nd + 3rd Streets to two-way traffic.

The intersection of 2nd street and Oak street in Louisville, KY, located in the Old Louisville neighborhood.

The project will see 2nd street converted to two-way traffic, with several stop lights swapped out for stop signs.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Two busy thoroughfares in the Old Louisville neighborhood will be converted from one-way traffic to two-way, after the Louisville Metro Government received $7.5 million from a federal grant.

The project will reconfigure a ~two-mile stretch of 2nd + 3rd Streets, from the University of Louisville’s campus north to Broadway.

3rd Street will become the primary route for traffic, and will see enhancements like:

  • curb extensions near intersections
  • retroreflective backplates on traffic lights
  • sidewalk ramps
  • ladder-style striping at crosswalks

Meanwhile, 2nd Street will see its intersections converted to four-way stops, including three that will swap traffic lights for stop signs.
The project aims to lower driving speeds and improve overall safety in the area, particularly for pedestrians and bicyclists.

The entire makeover is expected to cost $12.5 million, with $5 million in additional funds coming from the state and local governments. Construction will begin in late 2026, with completion slated for the end of 2027.