Flavorman spills the tea on 2024 beverage trends

We’re looking at a sweet and spicy new year, y’all.


Flavorman’s annual trend prediction provides beverage insight into the flavors, ingredients, and strategies for the upcoming year.

Photo by Flavorman

According to Flavorman, things are going to heat up next year in the drink world.

The Louisville-based beverage development company — which has worked with household names like Jones Soda and Sunsweet Growers — predicts that sweet and spicy is on the rise for 2024. So, be on the lookout for more drinks with an opposites-attract-approach, like Mexican hot chocolate.

Here’s are a couple of Derby City drinks that are ahead of the sweet heat curve:

Aside from sugar and spice (and everything nice), Flavorman is also projecting an increased demand for guilt-free dessert flavors, like sugar cookie, red velvet cake, and brownie. The company believes consumers want more over-the-top indulgent flavors, but with a low-calorie tag. Thanks, Starbucks.

Flavorman also predicts a decline in the use of artificial colors and additives in drinks.

“They’re not doing anything to stabilize the beverage,” Flavorman’s Chief Technical Officer Kristen Wemer said. “Also, since everything these days is going into a can, the way the liquid looks is much less important.”

This time last year, Flavorman said that tropical and tangy would be the 2023 top trending flavor — and they weren’t wrong. Several Derby City companies took to the flavor, including Heine Brothers with its introduction of Boost energy drinks in flavors like Coconut Ocean Mist and Blue Razz.

Flavorman was founded in 1992 and has created 80,000+ drink formulations throughout its history. The company compiles its annual beverage trends by examining drinks projects that have passed through its laboratory over the last year.

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