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Flavorman’s 2023 beverage trends predictions

It’s tropical and tangy.


Expect beverages with sophisticated essence and a balanced blend of flavors in 2023.

Image courtesy of PriceWeber

Louisville-based food and beverage consultant Flavorman has a few predictions for your 2023 taste buds.

The custom beverage development company — who has worked with household names like Jones Soda and OceanSpray — says that tropical and tangy beverages are in for the New Year and 2022’s favored flavors of watermelon, cherry, apple, and grape are out.

According to the flavorman experts, we can expect more bevvies with pineapple, mango, grapefruit, elderflower, and lavender as patterns transition toward functionality, simplicity, and natural alternatives in the beverage world.

In terms of sustainability, drink companies will take the “less is more” approach to color, packaging, and design with a continued focus on environmentally-friendly materials.

With 30 years in the beverage industry and 80,000+ drink formulations, Flavorman compiles its annual trends summary by examining drink projects that have passed through its laboratory over the last year.


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