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The hidden benefits of getting active

Learn how one Louisvillian changed her life through exercise.

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Wel at Humana is more than a gym — it’s a gathering place for people to meet and improve their overall wellness.

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Sometimes, all it takes is a little spark of motivation to change our outlook on life. For Carrie Jones, it was wanting to be more active with her grandchildren. With help from Zach Lauterwasser at Wel at Humana, Jones was able to completely turn her life around — and she found that the benefits of working out extend to many facets of her life.

Bring in the professionals

Accountability was a major factor in Jones’ approach to her health journey. Previously she didn’t have success getting into a workout routine by herself, so she decided to bring on a trainer this time.

“If I knew somebody was waiting for me, I would feel obligated to go,” Jones said. “Previously, if I got off work, it was ‘Will I either lay on the couch and watch TV?’ or ‘Will I go to the gym?’ The couch would always win. I had to have somebody that I felt accountable to.”

Together, they created attainable goals for Jones, and now, they meet two times a week. “It’s never been about the pounds, which I really appreciate with Zach,” she said. “We talk about a number of different things including health and nutrition.”

Wel at Humana members have access to a team of trainers + state-of-the-art equipment, setting them up for success.

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“I knew he was expecting me. Whether I wanted to go or not, he was waiting for me,” Carrie said. “Then I learned I liked it because I could do new things.”

Photos by WEL at Humana; GIF by LOUtoday

Mentally motivated

“I knew I had to do something,” she said. “I was suffering from an overall feeling of sadness because I couldn’t do any of the things I wanted to do.”

The inability to handle simple tasks to keep her house clean negatively contributed to her mental health.

“It causes depression knowing that you can’t do those types of things, and anxiety when you have all of this stuff that you need to get done but you just don’t have the motivation to get up and do it,” Jones said. “It’s really changed my life in all kinds of aspects.”

Jones’ first goal in her health journey was to walk around the Louisville Zoo, which she previously couldn’t do. Last fall, she was able to take a stroll at the zoo after working consistently with Lauterwasser.

Now, Jones feels proud that she doesn’t have to sit back when it comes to her grandkids. She can keep up with them, actively participate in their lives, and take them on trips to the zoo whenever they want.

A new streak of confidence

Gone are the days of baggy sweatpants, oversized t-shirts, and feeling intimidated by others or the equipment itself. Now, she walks in with a sense of belonging. Self-confidence touches every facet of her life.

“You walk in with a different kind of walk,” she said. “I used to be really nervous about people watching me. Now I’m doing 100 lb. deadlifts. You can watch.”

Building a community

Like many who work remotely, Jones found that she fell into an isolating routine with little need to even leave the house — but if she did leave the house, she was limited physically. “I used to pull up to the store and if there wasn’t a spot in the first couple of rows, I would leave and go home because I couldn’t walk across the parking lot and through the store,” she adds.

Now, Jones is able to add leisurely activities outside of her gym routine that get her out and about on a regular basis.

Going to the gym is also a mood booster. Even if she doesn’t have full conversations, seeing a smiling face or a simple wave adds to her sense of community.

Attainable wellness

Jones fully admits she is not a marathon runner and that two sessions with Zach each week push her to her limits, but that’s the point. Getting more active and building a fitness routine can be attainable for anyone — no matter where they are in life.

“March 6 was my one-year anniversary,” Jones said. “I’ve lost 73.5 lbs. pounds and I can do things that I never thought I could do. I can deadlift 100 lbs. I can do farmer carries with 50 lbs. I never thought I could do those types of things so it’s attainable. You can do it.”

Her next goal? To start jogging.

From group fitness classes to spa-like amenities to a meditation pod and more, Wel at Humana has something for everyone. Learn more about Wel at Humana and how it fits into your wellness journey.


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