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Escape everyday stress with a trip to Lalai Day Spa

Hear us out: You should always have a massage booked on your calendar.

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a woman lies on a table and gets a massage

Lalai was created for Louisvillians to have the best and most effective services in a relaxing + serene setting.

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When was the last time you took a moment for yourself? If you’re like us, then it’s been a while. Luckily, Lalai Day Spa is here to help Louisvillians slow down and invest in their wellness — especially before the busy holiday season.

Lalai (pronounced la-lie; means to melt) opened in 2022, and boasts the only Thai massage therapist owner from Thailand in our whole state. Their skillful staff of six has a combined experience of almost 100 years (read: they know what they’re doing). As an active member of Respect Massage, Lalai ensures each massage experience is safe and respectful for both the staff and client.

Lalai’s services include:

  • Customized massage
  • Relaxation Swedish massage (ft. hot stones, deep tissue, and manual lymphatic drainage)
  • Traditional Thai massage (AKA when therapists walk on you, and you might hear the sounds of tight air gaps releasing between vertebrae)
  • Signature Lalai Facial
  • And more

Each session is curated for individual needs whether for therapeutic massage or glow skincare. Fun fact: You’re guaranteed to feel lighter and rejuvenated after your first session, which practitioners often refer to as “massage drunk” or “massage hungover” — but it’s a good thing. Beware of your first “Massage Drunk” or “Massage Hangover” after your session.

Pro tip: Massages make a great gift for yourself or a loved one. Book my massage.

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