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See these 18 US President objects on display at the Frazier History Museum

Campaign buttons, drinkware, and medals are just a few of the items in the new President’s Day exhibit.

A glass display case open on its henges.

The President’s Day collection will be on display through Wednesday, March 29.

Photo provided by Frazier History Museum

A new display case on the second floor of the Frazier History Museum downtown features objects representing 10 US Presidents and eight other politicians that unsuccessfully ran for president.

Here are a few of the items in the temporary exhibit:

  • Strawberry lustre pitcher featuring George Washington
  • Memorial medal in honor of Zachary Taylor
  • Silk memorial ribbon in honor of John Quincy Adams
  • Handkerchief that features Abraham Lincoln and his generals
  • Souvenir spoon celebrating William McKinley
  • Ribbon for Teddy Roosevelt
  • Campaign pins for John F. Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy

Outside of the new display, you can also see other president-affiliated artifacts, like George Washington’s flintlock rifle, in the museum’s permanent exhibits — “The Commonwealth: Divided We Fall,” “Founder’s Gallery,” and “The Lewis & Clark Experience.”

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