See LOUtoday’s aura — and get yours read, too

Aura portrait fr WP

LOUtoday’s aura is a mix of red, purple, blue + fuchsia. | Photo by Rays Aura Portraits.

Grounded. Empathetic. A leading voice. That’s LOUtoday’s vibe, according to Rays Aura Portraits.

Owned + operated by husband-and-wife duo Amanda and Jamie Conkin, Rays Aura Portraits specializes in reading the aurasor the energetic states — of their clients, which correspond to the seven chakras of the body.

It works by using metal hand plates which receive electricity from your body that cast vibrant hues over your image, which develops in about five minutes on Polaroid paper.

“Having the palms and our moisture levels being part of the readings is what makes it nuanced and specific to each person,” Jamie said. “It’s kind of like a snowflake, each one really is unique based on where the colors are lying and the opacity.”

What our colors mean:

  • Redcorresponds to the root chakra — being a grounded pair, level headedness, acting with confidence + getting things done
  • Purplecorresponds to the third eye chakra — ability to think on a vast scale + perspective with one’s place in humanity, intuition
  • Bluecorresponds to the throat chakra — ability to tap into communication, sensitivity + storytelling
  • Fuchsiacorresponds to the heart chakra — authenticity and, expressiveness

Tie it all together and we’re some idea actualizing, passionate storytellers with a knack for seeing the big picture in Derby City.

Now it’s your turn. Ray’s will be hosting a giveaway for three portraits to be taken over the course of a year so you can see how your energy changes and grows. DYK: A person’s aura is not fixed + changes often.

Or, take fate into your own hands and book a session on Rays website.

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