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Talk color to me

Color can change the mood of a space in your home or business.

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A before and after of a living room transformation

This living room was transformed by a deep jewel shade of blue.

GIF by LOUtoday; Images provided by Shoshanna Color and Interior Design

Looking to transform your drab living space into an Instagram-worthy one? You’re speaking Shoshanna Portman’s language. The owner of Shoshanna Color and Interior Design has a passion for helping Louisvillians to add more color + style to their homes.

Color not only impacts a space, but our mood, too. Whether a bold jewel tone or a soft neutral, color adds interest and depth. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to make a significant change.

Here’s what to expect during a Color Consultation with Shoshanna:

  • You’ll walk through your space together as she asks intuitive questions to learn the style, feel, and look you’re wanting.
  • She’ll select some colors she thinks will work based on the conversation and see if any call to you in the space.
  • You’ll then look at the specific color from different angles in the light to ensure that it still speaks to you.
  • She’ll leave you with larger samples and a form that lists the colors, sheen, and products for you to give to your contractor and keep for your records. Bonus: She also keeps a copy of that form for five years if you ever need it in the future.

Schedule an in-home color consultation from the expert below before selecting your paint colors. Add color to my home.

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