5 real-life Halloween movie houses

They’re not all haunted, but they sure do look like it.

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The Conrad-Caldwell House is located in Old Louisville, one of the most haunted neighborhoods in America.

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Some of the most recognizable homes on the big screen are from scary movies. It’s hard to forget the creepy architecture of haunted houses — like the iconic sloped mansard roof. See: “Beetlejuice,” “The Addams Family,” and “It.”

But we can’t let Hollywood claim them all, so we dug up five houses in Louisville that ooze Halloween movie vibes and paired them with a spooky film similar to them.

Conrad-Caldwell House
This mansion-turned-museum is one of the best examples of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture that isn’t just historical, but pretty spine-chilling to look at, too. Not to mention, this Victorian castle is built on a hill — another notable feature haunted houses. Local lore confirms that spirits still lurk in the Old Louisville mansion, making it a perfect location for a ghost movie.

Movie pairing: “Casper

The Rastetter House_LOUtoday

The Rastetter House’s main entrance used to face Frankfort Avenue, but now faces Payne Street.

Photo by John Paul

The Rastetter House
This two-story, “I-House” (c. 1845) is the oldest farmhouse in Clifton. Most of the original antebellum style has been compromised by renovations, but the facade and porch lend an eerie New Orleans design perfect for century-old vampires.

Movie pairing: “Interview with the Vampire

Log House_LOUtoday

The 18th century log house in Anchorage was last on the market in 2020 for nearly $800,000.

Photo by John Paul

Log House
We don’t know what it is about cabins in the woods, but put a group of teens in one and terror just unfolds. This 200+ year-old double-pen log home in Anchorage has been renovated, but still has the five original fireplaces and hardwood floors.

Movie pairing: “The Evil Dead

LOUtoday_Highland Avenue

This Highland Avenue house was designed by James J. Gaffney.

Photo by LOUtoday

Highland Avenue
The hair on your neck stands up just looking at this Original Highlands landmark. The fish-scale steeples and embellished turret signal all things spooky about this red Queen Anne-style home designed by J.J. Gaffney in 1898.

Movie pairing: “Stephen King’s Rose Red” (miniseries)

Modern home with floor-to-ceiling windows surrounded by pine trees.

The Cold Spring estate is located on Sulgrave Road off of Speed Avenue behind a gated entrance.

Photo by Kentucky Select Properties

Cold Spring Estate
Not only is the four-bedroom home unfinished with peeling wallpaper, but the concrete solarium is begging to be in a season of “American Horror Story.” The 6.71-acre property is nestled in the woods near Cherokee Park, giving it a dose of bone-chilling solitude.

Movie pairing: “The Glass House

Know of a house we should add to this list? Tell us about it.

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