New bar and venue opening on Whiskey Row

Number 15 is a five-story social hall featuring free live music, bourbon, and regional craft beer.

LOUtoday_Number 15

Number 15 is located in a historic building originally owned by George Weller of the Weller bourbon company in the early 20th century.

Rendering provided by Number 15

Number 15named after Kentucky being the 15th state to join the Union — is the latest bar and music venue to hit Whiskey Row.

Scheduled to open this spring, the “social hall” is located at 121 W. Main St. in a building that was previously the last vacant building on Whiskey Row.

It will stretch across five stories and a basement, and feature a music venue and three bars.

It’s the second concept from Spencer Fronk, CEO of Numbers Holding Company, who opened the first location, Number 36, in Denver, CO.

“Everything we do here is Kentucky-based. From the brand identity we’ve established to the breweries, distilleries, and wineries we feature to the free music we’ll have on stage,” Spencer said. “It’s all Kentucky homegrown.”

The two main bars will feature select rotating bourbons and craft beers. The bars will also offer well-drinks and domestics.

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To start, the bars will feature Old Forester, Castle & Key, New Riff, Knob Creek, Country Boy Brewing, and Falls City Brewing.

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Number 15 will also serve “hyper-regional pub fare,” according to Spencer. “Our chefs are coming with us from Colorado where we’ve been voted best hamburger and best fried chicken sandwich in the state.”

It will also have a unique payment method. The venue will operate on a wristband payment system allowing guests to move freely throughout its spaces and leave without closing their tab with a bartender.

LOUtoday_Number 15

The stage will be housed at the back of the first floor under a giant, arched window.

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The main floor will have a stage and offer free entertainment from Kentucky musicians.

Upstairs will have a second bar with music stage views and an outdoor balcony overlooking Main Street. Plus, on Saturdays and Sundays it will host an all-inclusive brunch.

The lower-level lounge will be called Last Place, which will have a sports bar vibe and a separate entrance from Washington Street. It will be open seven days a week, 11 a.m.-2 p.m.