Meet the cats of LOUtoday

They’re pretty paw-some.

An adult white cat with blue eyes sits inside a white basket.

Ranger has been Katie’s pet since 2016.

Photo by LOUtoday

National Cat Day was on Sat., Oct. 29 and if you didn’t know, we’re cat people here at LOUtodaydon’t worry, we still have love for the doggos. Since we didn’t get to celebrate this purrfect day with you, we thought we’d introduce you to our furry, in-house mascots that keep us company during the work day.

So without further ado, meet Tangy + Ranger.

🐾 Tangy

Sarah hold her orange cat, Tangy.

Tangy is two years old + loves morning snuggles.

Photo by LOUtoday

This handsome orange guy became Sarah’s through a friend of a friend — how most cat owner stories begin — and she picked him up at Dinosaur World (it was the midpoint between LOU and his birthplace, Clarksville, TN). Since he entered her life in September 2020, Sarah’s workdays have been punctuated by his tiny chirps + his paws poking her through her chair.

Favorite treat: Temptations cat treats — in the classic seafood medley flavor
Favorite activities: Chasing the 800th feather toy Sarah has bought for him this year + morning snuggles
What annoys them the most: When Sarah’s cooking dinner and can’t pay attention to him (read: can’t shake the feather toy)

🐾 Ranger

Katie hold her white cat, Ranger.

Ranger just turned six in August.

Photo by LOUtoday

Ranger and Katie came together in 2016 after a friend’s cat had kittens. It wasn’t her idea to keep him, but they grew to love one another, and by grew, we’re talking 20-lbs grew.

Favorite treat: Ice cubes
Favorite activities: Eating, running outside + chasing lizards
What annoys them the most: Vacuuming (and taking pictures)

While National Cat Day was a day to give extra pets to the four-legged friends we love, it was also created in 2005 to bring awareness to the number of cats that need to be rescued each year.

Tangy and Ranger are lucky to have forever homes, but Louisville Metro Animal Services has lots of pets who still need to find theirs. Plus, the agency is currently waiving all adoption fees since the no-kill shelter is operating at full capacity.

If you find a new friend, send us a photo. We’d love to meet them.

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