LOUtoday on the Kentucky Commons Radio Hour podcast

Hear LOUtoday’s Senior City Editor Katie + City Editor Sarah on the latest episode of the Kentucky Commons Radio Hour podcast hosted by the Louisville Ale Trail.

LOUtoday editors Sarah and Katie stand with the three Kentucky Commons Radio Hour podcast hosts in front of microphones while Sarah hold up a LouisvilleFrogs hockey jersey.

Sarah and Katie with the hosts of the Kentucky Commons Radio Hour.

Photo by Kentucky Commons Radio Hour

A couple of weeks ago, our friends Michael Moeller, David Satterly, and John Ronayne from the Louisville Ale Trail invited us to be on their podcast, the Kentucky Commons Radio Hour — which is recorded at John’s store Brewgrass Homebrew Supply on Preston Street.

During the radio hour, we talked about everything from how we keep content fresh to the recently-discovered jellyfish at Shawnee Park + answered a few Louisville-specific questions from Reddit — like where to host a murder mystery party. We also got to try Against the Grain’s top-rated, award-winning beer 70K Amburana.

Listen to the whole episode anywhere you listen to podcasts and be sure to not miss these highlights:

  • Sarah’s beatbox intro | 0:16
  • Katie drops knowledge on Amburana barrels | 7:08
  • How craft beer fits into Louisville + LOUtoday | 10:55
  • Katie explains Louisville’s Modjeska | 20:04
  • Sarah shares the story behind her beloved Louisville RiverFrogs jersey | 21:30

Bonus: Catch Sarah and I say “it is” at the same (13:59) in agreement that the Ollie’s Trolley burger is superior to that of Dizzy Whizz.

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