Louisville Ballet’s opening season performance in Louisville, KY

“Coppélia” is set in Louisville’s own Germantown.

LOUtoday: Coppelia

Coppélia is a comedic tale about a life-like doll.

Photo by Sam English courtesy of Louisville Ballet

Tomorrow, Oct. 6, is the opening night of “Coppélia,” the first show of the Louisville Ballet’s 2022-2023 Season of Transendence at the Brown Theatre.

While the autumnal ballet can be traced back to Paris in 1870, this adaptation — which first premiered in October 2015 — is uniquely local because it’s set in Louisville’s own Germantown during the fall of 1917 just as the US joins World War I.

The comedic tale tells the story of a life-like doll mistaken for a mysterious woman, her creator, and the young lovers caught up in confusion. The choreography by Artistic Director Robert Curran was created specifically for the production + the set design was made by Louisville visual artist Jacob Heustis.

The ballet will run from Thurs., Oct. 6 through Sat., Oct. 8 and tickets start at $39.

Watch a short film on the creation of Louisville’s version of “Coppélia” by local media company KERTIS Creative.

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