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25 gift ideas for every budget

Perfect for birthday gifts, thank you gifts, or something just because.


Find gifts at every price point. | Photo via Pexels

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In search of the perfect “just because” gift? We’ve all been there. With so many options floating around on the internet, it can be hard to find the perfect present for someone special in your life.

Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a housewarming present, or a little something that says “I’m thinking of you,” we’ve curated this guide with 25 gifts that fit any budget.

Cheap and easy gifts: $15 and under

Cats vs. dogs card game ($12) | This game is based on the age old question — are you a cat or dog person?

Spiral taper candles ($14.99+) | This set of three comes in 12+ different colors so you can choose one that best complements your loved one’s style. Bonus: Snag a pair of matching glass candlestick holders.

Meat claws ($9.99) | These handy — no pun intended — meat claws that make shredding any meat simple. They’re durable, heat resistant, and easy to clean.

Smoked bacon sea salt ($14.99) | For the friend always searching for the perfect smoky flavor.

Thoughtful gifts: $15-$30

Tiki toss ring toss game ($17.99) | The perfect gift to strike up a little healthy competition. Bonus: It can be enjoyed by all ages.

Water bottle storage rack ($19.99+) | Friends with a seemingly endless supply of water bottles will love this storage rack to keep their ever-growing collection organized.

Rain cloud plant waterer ($24.97) | For the friend that loves plants and could use a fun way to spice up their plant watering routine.

Portable campfire ($30) | Who says you have to go camping to enjoy a campfire? With this portable campfire, roast marshmallows any time, anywhere.

Neat and quirky gifts: $30-$75

Scratch off world map poster ($34.99) | A fun and interactive way for jetsetters to track their explorations.

Pampering gift set ($44) | Give the gift of relaxation with this set that includes lavender essential oil, soap, a candle, lip balm, and a shower steamer.

Sleek rice cooker ($44.99+) | Rice maker, but make it fashionable. We don’t know what’s better — the chic finish or how good their rice will taste.

Bamboo cheese board and knife set ($55.99) | This compact set features a cheese board and knives, ceramic bowls, a bamboo fruit tray, and reusable labels.

Breakable chocolate heart ($59.99) | A delicious gift that will leave a chocolate lover with a smashing impression.

Pickleball sweatshirt ($65) | For the loved one that spends more time on the pickleball court than anywhere else. Bonus: We bet they’ll love this pickleball tote too.

Gifts you want to give yourself: $75+

Shiatsu massage pillow ($84.95) | Anyone that works from home or in an office will love this pressure and tension-relieving gift.

Grand majesty orchid ($129.99) | Brighten up any room with the 2023 flower of the year.

Custom bourbon barrel lazy Susan ($150) | Personalize this gift with names, a date, or a special saying.

Nespresso Vertuo espresso machine ($179+) | The Nespresso Vertuo makes five different sizes of coffee drinks — perfect for the friend who loves coffee.

Wine fridge ($249.99) | This gadget keeps wine at the optimal temperature for long-term aging. Bonus: It can also store beer and soda.

Experiential gifts: $15+

Audible membership ($15+) | Choose from a one, three, six, or 12-month membership so your loved one can listen to their favorite authors.

Paint your pet class ($35 class only, $65 class and watercolor painting set) | In our opinion, there’s no such thing as a bad pet-themed gift.

Candle making kit ($69.99) | Instead of gifting them another candle, opt for a DIY kit that allows them to make their own.

Coffee and chocolate tasting ($95) | A virtual experience that teaches the science behind pairing coffee and chocolate.

Spirits club subscription ($120+) | For the friend who loves tasting new, rare, and limited edition spirits.

Hawaiian getaway (~$400/night) | One thing’s for sure, you’ll never be able to top the gift of paradise.

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