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Work out at this big-box gym alternative

Louisville’s newest boutique gym is pink and personalized for women.

Empower Fitness is a new boutique gym in Germantown.

Certified personal trainer and nutrition coach Allie Lowery opened Empower Fitness in Germantown.

The newest boutique gym to hit Louisville’s workout scene is Empower Fitness. Set in Germantown, the roughly 1,300-sqft space offers a curated selection of workouts tailored for women.

Picture this: Your first trip to a big-box gym brings you face-to-face with multiple rows of machines, loads of unfamiliar equipment, and dozens of people who look way too focused on their workouts to be bothered with the 21 questions running through your brain. Intimidated much?

Bright magenta hues are splashed throughout Empire Fitness.

The Empower Fitness space boasts bold magenta hues.

While the environment of chain gyms are perfect for some people, others might thrive in a space with a more personalized approach. Enter: boutique gyms, like Empower Fitness. These workout places are typically:

  • Smaller; set in a space that’s 800 to 3,500-sqft
  • Focused on one to two types of workouts, like pilates and barre
  • More community-oriented and exclusive
  • More stylish, with modern amenities, like phone-charging stations

Owner Allie Lowery, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, has outfitted her new space with everything from barbells to BOSU balls in a bold magenta hue, all of which are used during classes led by Allie. Each class includes six or less participants for a more personalized approach. Participants can learn proper kettlebell form, burn fat through HITT training, and more.

Ready to get your sweat on? Empower Fitness offers memberships and packages in three tiers:

💪 Tier one — $175 monthly for 12 classes per month
💪 Tier two — $240 monthly for unlimited classes each month
💪 All Exclusive Package — $210 biweekly for unlimited classes and a monthly nutrition program

Drop-in classes are $25 and all customers have access to:

  • Shower and phone charging station
  • Free hair ties and tampons
  • Energy drinks and water — plus, pre-workout and protein drinks are available for purchase
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