Disco ball history in Louisville, KY

Louisville is one of the few disco ball producers in the world.

A 2,300 pound, 11 foot wide disco ball sits in the middle of Louisville's Fourth Street Live! corridor.

Kentucky’s Largest Disco Ball, Y’all at its debut on Fourth Street Live!

Photo by World’s Largest Disco Ball, Y’all

Most Louisvillians know or have at least heard through the grapevine that Derby City is one of the world’s largest producers of disco balls. Omega National Products on Baxter Avenue has been spinning out the sparkling, mirrored globes for 50+ years and in the 1970s disco era, made about 90% of them.

But production isn’t the only claim to disco ball fame Louisville has to offer. In April 2016, Kentucky’s Largest Disco Balla whopping 11-foot-wide, 2,300-poundermade its debut at Fourth Street Live!

Today, our local business community embraces our disco ball heritage just as much as bourbon and baseball bats. Here are a few to spark your inner John Travolta hustle:

Bonus: The title of Louisville author David Dominé's most recent true crime novel “A Dark Room in Glitter Ball City” pays homage to our disco ball history.

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