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Sleigh your holiday party with help from Angel’s Envy

It isn’t the holidays without craft cocktails and bubbly.

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headshot of Angel Teta, one of Angel's Envy's Lead Whiskey Guardians

“Lower ABV cocktails with bubbles are actually my favorite style of drink,” Teta says. “They’re versatile, refreshing, and perfect for any occasion.”

Photo provided by Angel’s Envy

You don’t have to be an experienced bartender to impress your guests this holiday season. We’re sharing the best way to get in the holiday spirit (see what we did there?) with two cocktails from Angel’s Envy, featuring two things lots of Louisvillians love: bourbon and bubbly.

Angel Teta, Angel’s Envy’s National Whiskey Guardian, explains why the two spirits work so well compared to other pairings. “Bourbon has a traditionally higher proof than other spirits, and the notes work well with bubbles — champagne, cava, rosé, or even sparkling waters,” Teta says. “When you match lighter, lower ABV spirits with a sparkling wine, sometimes the spirit’s flavors can get lost. Bourbon doesn’t have this problem, so it’s a good fit for these bubbly recipes.”

So, what should you be adding to your cocktail menu this winter? The Reverse Manhattan and My Main Spritz are a good place to start. Both are crafted with Angel’s Envy Bourbon, which is perfect for bubbles since it’s finished in port wine barrels.

Cheers, Louisville.

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