Louisvillans share why they call Louisville home

Chance encounters, big life changes, and true love are all part of your Louisville stories.

Greetings from Louisville mural

LOUtoday readers are sharing their Louisville stories.

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Last week, we asked LOUtoday readers to share their Louisville stories and why they call Derby City home for National Write Your Story Day. This unofficial holiday was started in 2017 by author and artist Mitzy with the idea that everyone has a story to tell. So let’s hear your stories, LOU.

Fresh starts

“In 2021 my best friend asked me to move with her when she went to grad school for Audiology. She spent months applying to different universities, and we dreamed about all of the different places where we could move to from Tennessee: Colorado, Florida, Arizona, Oregon. She ended up getting into four schools. And pretty soon, UofL became her top choice. If I’m being honest, Kentucky was the last choice on my list. But we took a little road trip and experienced Louisville. We found this perfect apartment in Old LOU, adopted a cat, and started to figure out life here. Pretty quickly, I fell in love with this city.

Within a year, we convinced two other friends to move up here and join us. We got to show off this city, experience life together, and grow our community. I’ve now met the love of my life, I have a beautiful group of friends surrounding me, I’m working in development at a nonprofit, and I am loving life here in LOU. Thanks for being a cool city, Louisville. You’ve been good to me so far, and I look forward to spending a couple of more years here with you.” — Kayli J.

“I was going through a divorce and needed to do something for me. So I decided to move from a small town and figure out life in the city. It has been amazing! I don’t know that I will ever move from this city! Louisville has my heart!” — Deanna H.

A chance meeting

“I went to college in Boulder, Colorado. I was flying home for Christmas vacation and my plane was overloaded, so I had to transfer to another flight. As I walked down the aisle every seat was filled but one. The young man sitting there was from Louisville and had to fly through Chicago (my hometown) to get home. The rest is history. Now we both live here. Our 60th anniversary is March 14!” — Carole L.

From around the world

“I’m originally from France. I met my husband in Seattle while on a student exchange. After a couple years in Seattle we decided to move somewhere closer to friends, family and more affordable, so we picked Louisville, as he went to high school here and college at UK. Since we moved we’ve fallen in love with LOU and established ourselves in this amazing city, where we bought our first house!” — Marie M.

“How can I begin to describe the city that welcomed me as if it were its own? It all started with a girl from a small town in Colombia dreaming of one day moving to her dream country, the United States. I was known for being a great athlete, I was a swimmer and I had a classmate older than me who had the privilege of winning a scholarship to the University of Louisville. I saw his pictures and started to learn about the university and the city, of course. I saw that city as a dream.

Five years later, I ended up living there, despite the adversities of the immigrant and thinking that I might not be able to set foot in this country. It took me by surprise to also win a scholarship, I did not practice my sport but I continued my studies (still) and so it became that city that opened the doors for me, that gave me an opportunity for exponential growth, and that has allowed me so far to enjoy its beautiful parks, to try fascinating restaurants, and to meet the love of my life.” — Maria E.

From your City Editors

“I was born and raised in Louisville, but sometimes it’s absence that makes the heart grow fonder. I moved to Richmond, Virginia for three years — it’s a great town, with a lot to love (shoutout RICtoday), but when my wife and I moved back to LOU, it just felt like home. We just had our first child last fall, and I’m proud that he’s a Louisvillian."— City Editor Jeff

“I only moved to Louisville two years ago, but I’ve been visiting all my life. My mom’s side of the family is from here, so I grew up hearing stories and seeing the city in bits and pieces on road trips. It’s been really rewarding to connect all the dots, develop my own relationship with Louisville, and even fall in love along the way.” — City Editor Declan

No matter how you get here, we all know Louisville has a special something that makes you want to stay. From the rich history to the Olmstead Parks to the thriving culinary scene, Derby City has a way of getting its hooks in you.

But these stories from LOUtoday readers show that what really makes people love Louisville is the people — and our map of local love stories further proves it.

Have a Louisville story to share? We want to hear it.

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