Learn how to join a board or commission in Louisville

Love your city? Get engaged. Louisville’s boards + commissions are open for anyone to join.

A skyline shot picturing part of a bridge and water, with several buildings in the background while the sun is setting.

Louisville has ~65 boards and commissions.

Calling all movers and shakers. Are you ready to become an even more engaged citizen? Do you want to know more about the goings-on in our city before they happen? You can make your voice heard by serving as a volunteer member of one of Louisville’s ~65 boards and commissions.

As a board member, you can weigh in on topics like zoning adjustments, advise on decisions about downtown development, or contribute to the maintenance and preservation of cemeteries.

Members are appointed by the Mayor, sometimes with necessary approval from the Metro Council. To be considered, you must submit an application and specify the board(s) or commission(s) of your choosing. If your desired board or commission has a vacancy — and your qualifications match — the Louisville Office of Boards and Commissions will reach out.

Who can apply?

Any citizen residing in Louisville can apply. Pro tip: Depending on the position, certain subject matter expertise may be required. Read the vacancy’s listing to see what it takes.

While your desired board or commission may not currently have an opening, you’re still welcome to submit an application.

What are the term limits?

Louisville currently observes a three-term limit for boards and commissions. Term length varies depending on the board or commission, but most terms last roughly 2-4 years.

Where do I find vacancies?

Available seats are listed under “vacancies” on the Boards and Commissions section of Mayor Craig Greenberg’s page. For example, current vacancies include: