Check out these 3 Gallopalooza Horses in Louisville, KY

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The 148th Kentucky Derby & Oaks is just four days away. While we wait for the horses to take off from the green gates at Churchill Downs, let’s take a look at three of our favorite immortalized horses that make up the year-round “sidewalk Derby.”

Before we hit the pavement, a little history.

Gallopalooza Horses were created by local artists and the Brightside Foundation, a local nonprofit that supports the improvement of health and beauty within our community.

The first set of these decorated, life-size horses were released throughout the city in 2004 — with more racing onto the scene in 2009 + 2015. Since the creation of the Gallopalooza horses, many have been auctioned off and sold to private owners, but a few are still hanging around the 502 for the public to view.

So, saddle up. Here’s a quick look at three first-place thoroughbreds of the sidewalk Derby.


Gene, 3215 Westport Green Pl.

This horse was created in 2004 by graphic design artist, Joe Haysley. Gene is located across from the Michael’s Craft Store on Westport Road. This dental and medical-themed horse is decked out with huge braces, a stethoscope + dental floss.


Winter Green in St. Matthews. | Photo by @hannahabreu

Winter Green, 136 St. Matthews Ave.

Located in St. Matthews, this horse was created by artist Lydia L. Sergeant (Benedict) in 2009. The statue was made for Evergreen Rehabilitation + depicts a snowy scene on one side of the horse and then a sunny spring landscape on the other.


Belles of the Ball, 1404 Evergreen Rd.

Bust a move. This horse at the Shall We Dance Ballroom & Studio in Anchorage was created by artist MaRí Renn in 2015. The horse is sponsored by the dance studio and shows a mural of ballroom dancing couples.

Have another member of the sidewalk Derby you’d like to spotlight? Email us a photo + we may feature your thoroughbred on social media.

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