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The Louisville Regional Airport Authority is selling 52 acres of land in Heritage Creek

The South Louisville plot is left over from the time LRAA helped move an entire town.

A gravel driveway leading to an undeveloped lot with construction equipment

No homes have yet been built on the plot.

Photo via Menish Commercial Real Estate

Got a spare $3.1 million lying around?

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority (LRAA) has listed for sale a 52-acre parcel of undeveloped land at the end of Justice Way in Heritage Creek. The plot is zoned for single-family homes — that means no apartments or commercial real estate.

But why does LRAA have land almost 15 miles southeast of Muhammad Ali International Airport?

a map of the heritage creek neighborhood with a blue plot highlighted

The new development will expand Heritage Creek eastward.

Photo via Menish Commercial Realty

In the late 1980s, SDF added two new parallel runways and grew into the surrounding neighborhoods. Meanwhile, new flight paths offered a new problem — noise.

Homeowners in many of these neighborhoods were offered buyouts, but the people of the former City of Minor Lane Heights had a different proposal: They asked the airport to move their entire town.

LRAA bought and developed land in what is now called Heritage Creek to replace Minor Lane Heights — the parcel for sale now is what’s left.

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