Breadworks is closing in Louisville

What you knead to know about the 26 year old bakery’s final days of business.

Storefront of a bakery with a neon yellow and green sign that says "Breadworks"

Breadworks’ Highlands location on Douglass Loop.

Photo by LOUtoday

Sad news often comes when you yeast expect it.

Since 1995, Breadworks has been baking artisan breads, kettle-boiled bagels, and pastries, but after 26 years, the local bakery is closing the oven door for good + joining our most missed businesses list.

The final day for its locations at Douglas Loop (2204 Dundee Rd.) and Chenoweth Plaza (3628 Brownsboro Rd.) will be Sun., Sept. 18, but both shops will be open daily from 7 a.m.-12 p.m.

The local bakery was known for its specialty loaves like sunflower wheat, the melt-in-you-mouth premium white bread, and on Fridays, traditional, hand-braided challah.

Breadworks also specialized in NYC-style bagels from plain to sesame and asiago + it whipped up various cream cheeses. Katie’s favorite was the multi-grain bagel with smoked salmon cream cheese.

Scones, hand-twisted danishes, and cinnamon rolls were also among its specialties. Sarah says the chocolate chip scone with a hot tea was her go-to order.

But before we break down and rye, here are some heartfelt farewells from Louisvillians in a Reddit thread about the closing.

While the Breadworks closing is breaking our carb-loving hearts, we’d love to know your suggestions on local bakeries. Tell us your favorite your favorite local bakery for specialty breads, bagels, and pastries below.

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