Your Guide to the NuLu Bock & Wurst Fest

It’s a truly goated event.

Adults and children run down a city street with baby goats behind them, while a crowd cheers in the background.

Kids running with kids — the day’s events include baby goat races.

Photo courtesy NuLu Bock & Wurst Fest

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Come Saturday, NuLu will be filled with Bock-style beer, Kentucky wurst sausages, live music, and goats racing down East Market Street.

The NuLu Bock & Wurst Fest, a Louisville tradition once called Bock Day, dates back to 1858 but was cut short due to Prohibition in 1919. Now in its seventh year of modern celebration, the free, family-friendly festival will kick off at 12 p.m. on Saturday, March 23.

What’s up, Bock?

Bock beer is a German lager that’s typically a dark amber color with a light hoppiness + strong malt flavor. It dates back to 15th-century Einbeck, a northern German town that still exists today. The town’s name sounded like “Einbock” in the Bavarian accent of the region at the time — which in turn sounds like the German word for billy goat.

Drink up — 12 breweries will be tapping kegs on Saturday, including Atrium, Against the Grain, Monnik, and Shippingport Brewery.

Three pints of beer sit on a table next to drink coasters, while festival goers move in the background.

Against the Grain will be one of a dozen breweries bringing their Bock beers to the fest.

Photo courtesy NuLu Bock & Wurst Fest

The best of the wurst

What goes best with German beer? German sausage, of course. One restaurant will be crowned Best of the Wurst Fest for their sausage-making skills.

Restaurants like Galaxie, Red Top, and Pig Beach BBQ are in the running for best wurst, but there will be only one weiner.

Goats? No kidding around

Louisville doesn’t have Nanny Goat Strut + Billy Goat Strut alleys just for the cute names. According to local legend, people used to watch goats hoof it down these back streets.

The modern Bock Fest includes eight goat races that will start with a blessing of the goats and Bock beer at 12 p.m. The featured race is the Forecast Dash at 3:30 p.m. Baby goats representing Louisville’s television meteorologists will see who can storm to the front for a $500 prize made to the winner’s charity of choice.