Against the Grain hosting Louisville’s first Burgoo Cook-Off on March 19


Photo by @jessevalenciana

The city of Louisville has a fever… and the only prescription is Burgoo.

Prepare to be cured, because Against The Grain Brewery and Smokehouse is hosting the city’s first Burgoo Bowl Cook-Off at 401 E. Main St. on Sat., March 19.

The competition calls on professional chefs and amateurs alike to bring out the best Burgoo in the region. Pots will begin bubbling at 3 p.m. + recipes will be judged by a panel to determine the winner in three categories: Most Creative Recipe, People’s Choice, and Best in Show.

The tasting isn’t just for the judges — for $10, you can taste all the Burgoos and vote for your favorite. For $15, you can get an ATG beer with that. Prizes include trophies, gift certificates + best of all, bragging rights.

But wait, what’s Burgoo?

We’re glad you asked. It’s a heritage Kentucky dish with a few origin stories that’s also sometimes known as “roadkill stew,” because people used to put wild game, like rabbit or possum, into the pot. Thankfully, squirrel stew — or any other wild game in the mixisn’t allowed in Saturday’s competition.

Burgoo has a few essential ingredients: vegetables, meat, and broth. Beyond that, the recipe varies regionally based on what’s in the chef’s pantry.

Want to pony up on your Burgoo flavor profile? Here are a few places to try the stew:

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