Lousiville’s top 5 stories of 2022

From Redbud Dining Room opening to outdoor patios.

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The sun sets on another fab year in Louisville.

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Time flies when you’re having fun, Derby City. And boy did we have fun in 20(twenty-woohoo). This year, we sent 200+ newsletters and posted around 700+ posts on social media.

So, before we celebrate the beginning of a new year, we wanted to look back on the top LOUtoday stories from 2022 and give a huge thank you to our readers and members of the community that made this year so spectacular.


Did you get your duck fat popcorn? | Photo by LOUtoday

1️⃣ Redbud Dining Room opening in Germantown | June 2

We covered the announcement of the Redbud Dining Room opening — a concept from Toasty’s Tavern owners Matt Filip, Nate Sturdevant, and Aaron Chadwell. We let readers know about the classic American menu, including the return of duck fat popcorn.

2️⃣ Louisville, KY restaurants from A to Z | August 19

If you want to eat through Louisville alphabetically, we spelled it out for you. This list of 26 restaurants features our readers’ top restaurants — and our favorites, too.

3️⃣ 15 outdoor patios in Louisville, KY | April 22

It seems Louisvillians like to eat… especially outdoors. This list rounded up outdoor patios by neighborhood.

4️⃣ 10 lunches under $10 in Louisville, KY | January 31

Sorry, breakfast but lunch makes a good case for being the most important meal of the day. We found some lunch options that will keep things in the single-digits.

west lou reno WP

The Victorian mansion is an 11,000-sqft property. | Photo by LOUtoday

5️⃣ See this West Louisville mansion undergoing renovations | June 7

The first 2022 story that’s not about food — not that we blame y’all. We got the lowdown on the renovations on the 134-year-old, three-story Victorian mansion — complete with a bourbon room, lounge + Airbnb.

Did we miss your favorite story? Let us know what it was.

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