Three local nonprofits to know for Louisville’s Give for Good

Make a difference from your computer.

A beautiful, vivid sunset illuminates the underside of the Big Four Bridge, with the Ohio River glistening beneath it and two more bridges off in the distance.

Give for Good has raised $42.5 million for community organizations since 2014.

The single largest day of community giving in the 502 returns on Thurs., Sept. 15 — and you don’t even have to get off your couch to make a positive impact on the city and beyond.

Hosted by the Community Foundation of Louisville, Give for Good has raised $42.5 million for charitable organizations across eight area counties since it began in 2014 from online donors.

How does it work? The Give for Good website opens on Thurs., Sept. 15 from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., and you can make monetary gifts to any of the organizations listed — which include disability services, education, substance abuse prevention + more. Plus, you can choose up to 10 organizations to support with each transaction.

So now that we’re familiar with the giving process, allow us to introduce you to three local organizations you need to know this giving season.

❤️ Louisville Association for Community Economics (LACE), 1300 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

There are three words you need to know when it comes to this development nonprofit: Louisville Community Grocery. LACE — whose mission is to foster collaborative, equitable social enterprises — has been working to open a grocery store co-op at 400 Finzer St. to address the food desert in the Smoketown neighborhood.

❤️ No Kill Louisville, 2012 Northwestern Pkwy.

Founded in 2010, this local nonprofit works to create a “no kill” community in which no animal — be they a feral cat or adoptable pet — is euthanized because it couldn’t find a home. Its model includes trap, neuter, release (TNR) programs for stray cats + animal fostering.

❤️ BAYA Corporation, 757 E. Lewis and Clark Pkwy., Clarksville, IN

Promoting girls’ self-esteem is the name of the game for this nonprofit, whose name is an acronym for “beautiful as you are.” The organization empowers more than 300 girls in the Louisville + Southern Indiana area with self-esteem building activities like yoga, dance, and the arts.