See Mid-century modern aesthetics in Louisville, KY


The Whirling Tiger features a retro living room. | Photo by @thewhirlingtiger

HomeAdvisor recently surveyed 2,200 people to divine the most popular home style in each state, with the apple of Kentuckians’ eyes being Mid-century modern design.

If the commonwealth likes it, then Louisville loves it. From Derby City Market coming to Barret Avenue to the upcoming Mid-century modern show at 986 Swan St. in November, the city is ripe with mid-century modern inspiration.

Sometimes referred to as “MCM,” the aesthetics that define this style embrace functional, minimal design with clean lines and lots of teak wood. Bold colors and geometric shapes also decorate the mid-century imagination as well, which can make for some pretty interesting pieces of furniture.

With the love for the trend going strong in the 502, here are a few places where you can shop + see mid-century modern aestheticsand even find a mid-century modern home while you’re at it.

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