National Espresso Day in Derby City

Read our greatest coffee drips.

LOUtoday: Please & Thank You

National Espresso Day is celebrated annually on November 23.

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Today is National Espresso Day. It’s a celebration to honor Italian inventor Angelo Moriondo, who in 1884 patented his instantaneous steam-driven coffee maker — aka the espresso machine. While Italy lays claim to the advent of espresso, the US can be thanked for the creation of latte art.

And because we love you a latte, we’re pouring up three of our greatest drips.

Louisville’s favorite coffee shops

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LOUtoday: Please and thank you latte

If you’re a Scorpio, then Please & Thank You is your coffee zodiac.

Photo by LOUtoday

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Nashville coffee shop coming to LOU

Popular Nashville coffee chain Barista Parlor is opening its first location outside of Tennessee in downtown Louisville — find out where above.

Bonus: If you’re looking for a boozy version to celebrate the caffeinated holiday, try a Frozen Kentucky Coffee from North of Bourbonit’s even available during lunch.