Maya Bagel Express opens in Louisville

It specializes in New York-style bagels made fresh daily.

LOUtoday: Maya Bagel Express

Maya Bagel Express is a family-operated business with 17 years of baking experience.

Photo courtesy of Maya Bagel Express

A new bagel shop is open in the Audobon neighborhood. Maya Bagel Express originally announced it would be opening in Louisville by its founder Murad Islamov in January 2021. Now, almost two years later, the family-operated cafe is open for business daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 3029 Poplar Level Rd.

Maya Bagel Express specializes in New York-style bagels, known for their delightfully chewy interior texture and thick, crunchy crusts. But bagels aren’t the only thing the cafe is dishing out.

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In addition to food options, Maya Bagel Express also serves Peet’s Coffee & Tea.

Photo courtesy of Maya Bagel Express

Here’s a look at the menuby the numbers.

  • 12 kinds of bagels | Choose from a mix of familiar favorites like salt, sesame, and Everything, or dig into the French toast flavor.
  • Eight breakfast bagel sandos | Stick to the classics like bacon, egg, and cheese, or branch out with a pastrami version.
  • Seven lunch bagel sandwiches | Items include roast beef, chicken salad, a veggie option, and more.
  • Six house made cream cheeses | We’ve got our eyes on the bacon scallion and cinnamon walnut.

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