5 bagel shops in Louisville, KY


Photo by RODNAE Productions via Pexels

If you took an everything bagel and counted all its seeds + then multiplied that by 100, you’d get close to how much we love bagels and bagel sandwiches here at LOUtoday.

No bagel lover goes unloved in Derby City, so here are 5 local options to grab a bagel sando this weekend.

🥯 Cold Smoke Bagels, 1001 Logan St.

This classic, Jewish bakery’s sandwich menu focuses on smoked + cured salmon, pickled herring, and hot-smoked whitefish. Its veggie bagel — with tomato, arugula, and pickled veggies — is a go-to for City Editor Katie.


City Editor Katie orders her Cold Smoke veggie bagel with horseradish cream cheese. | Photo by @theloutoday

🥯 Nancy’s Bagels at Payne Street Bakehouse, 225 S. Spring St.

You can get one of several varieties at this shop + house-made cream cheese, or have these soft-yet-crunchy bagels as the base of a breakfast sandwichwhich Payne Street serves all day. City Editor Sarah recommends the bacon, egg + cheese on an everything bagel.

🥯 Heitzman Traditional Bakery & Deli, 3333 Bardstown Rd.

Established in 1891, this bakery offers 13 varieties of bagels that you can get for $1.40 each, or $2.85 with cream cheese. Its sandwich creations include classics like the egg and cheese or — if you’re feeling fancy — you can get a steak, egg + cheese sandwich.

🥯 Breadworks, 3628 Brownsboro Rd.

These kettle-boiled bagels have been a LOU staple for 20+ years. While Breadworks doesn’t offer the full sandwich treatment, you can get seven varieties of bagel with regular, vegetable, or smoked salmon cream cheese.

🥯 Bruegger’s Bagels, 119 Breckenridge Ln.

While Bruegger’s is a national chain, it makes the list for the convenience of its location. It’s in the heart of St. Matthews + focuses nearly exclusively on bagel sandwiches, with creative ingredients like honey sriracha cream cheese and cheesy hash brown bagels.

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