Days Louisville, KY would live over again for Groundhog Day


Two of our readers would relive the day Secretariat won the Derby in 1973. | Photo by Calstanhope via Wikimedia Commons.

Rise and shine, campers. It’s Groundhog Day.

The more than 100-year-old tradition predicting the arrival of spring began on Feb. 2, 1887 in Punxsutawney, PA when a newspaper editor declared the town’s groundhog Phil as the country’s “only true weather-forecasting groundhog.”

While some of you may be waiting to hear if we’ll have six more weeks of winter, many of you might be too busy wondering what it would be like to be stuck in a time loop reliving the same day over again. We have Bill Murray’s 1993 movie of the same name to thank for that.

This concept got us thinking — if we could live any day in Louisville over again, what would it be?

For us, City Editor Katie would relive the day she completed the 62.1-mile Tour de Lou bike ride with her dad in 2015 + City Editor Sarah would pick Forecastle 2019 — when she was front row for Anderson .Paak’s set.

To reminisce on days we’d play on repeat, we asked you what local day you wouldn’t mind having again. Here’s what you said:

“January 17, 1994. The snow storm and bitter cold that shut school down for a week was magical for this elementary schooler.” -@foodoflouisville

“May 5, 1973 when Secretariat set the all-time record for fastest Kentucky Derby ever.” -Mary N.

“Ali funeral.” -Greg K.

“The day Kentuckiana Backyard Farms was on the Urban Agriculture Tour and Frankfort came to Louisville to see what strides this city had taken in agriculture.” -@kentuckianabf

“I would love to relive Secretariat’s Derby win, and, of course, I would want to be there in person!” -Maria M.

“I’m not a sports fan, but I’d relive the day Louisville won the NCAA tournament in 2013. The city just went wild and the energy was unlike anything else and I jumped on a car.” -Brittney M.

“I would relive the Shelton Brothers International beer festival that Louisville hosted in 2016. I’d want another opportunity to show my friends from around the world the great things about this city like the philly cheesesteak from Spinellis.”- Jerry G.

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