Jack Harlow becomes the face of Phocus water

The Louisville-founded energy drink company is now promoting a signature flavor alongside the rapper.

Three aluminum cans stacked on top of each other.

The rebrand zeros in on the company’s goal of fueling creativity.

Photo via Amazon.com

On Friday, March 31, local caffeinated sparkling water brand Phocus disappeared from the internet. We’re talking their website, social media accounts, Amazon listings — everything.

Luckily, they only left us uncaffeinated for a day. The beverage company, which landed co-founder John Mittel on Forbes’ Next 1000 list, reappeared on Saturday, but looking much different than before.

Rapper Jack Harlow posted on his Instagram and Twitter pages a simple photo of a sleek, aluminum can with his signature on it and a caption reading “The Remedy For Writer’s Block. Available now,” tagging Phocus in each post.

A quick look at the resurfaced Phocus website reveals that the Jack Harlow version is the only flavor now available ($33.99 for a 12-pack) but, the energy drink still promises the same healthier benefits.

Not much else has bubbled up since the overnight transformation — but we’ll keep you updated.

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